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Before making a building regulations application, you should decide which of the two application options is best suited to your needs. Do contact us if you would like us to help you with this decision. 

If you have already carried out work without obtaining permission (if the work was carried out after November 1985) you can apply retrospectively for a regularisation certificate. You may have to expose certain areas of work to establish compliance with regulations in force at the time the work was carried out.

There is a charge for this equivalent to the relevant charge for carrying out the same work today plus a further 25%. However, there is no VAT payable. There are some areas that we may exclude from the certificate because it is impossible to determine adequacy (e.g. floor slabs) without substantial damage.

Did you know...?

...that when building a new house, changing the design during the build or using different materials to those originally approved can affect your ability to comply with the energy efficiency requirements of the building regulations.