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Census 2011 - employment by occupation

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The 2011 Census results showed that:

  • there had been a notable decline in the number of people employed as managers, directors and senior officials since the 2001 Census. The number employed in associate professional and technical occupations had also fallen
  • there had been substantial growth in the number employed in professional occupations and in caring, leisure and other service occupations
  • compared to the national average, Shropshire supports a significant number working in skilled trades occupations
  • some occupations, including process, plant and machine operation and skilled trades remained very male dominated. Men were also more likely to hold manager, director or senior official positions
  • in contrast, women were more likely to hold caring, leisure and other service occupations or to work in an administrative or secretarial capacity

For more information, please see the 2011 Census Digest attached below.

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