Shropshire Council

Business continuity

Business continuity management can be defined as “the development, implementation and maintenance of an action orientated process for responding to any emergency, managing the crisis and recovering the delivery of services”

It's been identified as an essential element of the risk management process, ensuring that we've implemented sufficient measures to reduce the effects of a major incident affecting service delivery. To meet this need we've developed a BCM programme, the specific aims of which are to:

  • Continue to meet our commitments to the public by minimising the impact of any event that could lead to an inability to deliver services to the public from Shirehall
  • Develop practicable and usable plans in the event that Shirehall is unavailable
  • Minimise the financial loss of an interruption of services
  • Enable resilience and recovery strategies (leading to targeted resource requirements) to be developed to meet recovery requirements despite disruption to infrastructure
  • Ensure we take appropriate actions to demonstrate adherence to best value, and meet risk management assessment criteria for the comprehensive performance assessment (CPA) process

Preparedness is key!

Business continuity allows you to recover more quickly and to have the knowledge and understanding of how to proceed after an emergency or incident has occurred. It builds on a business’s resilience, identifying critical infrastructure and services which underpin their business.

Our Emergency Planning Unit is available to support businesses in planning for emergencies, to assist with training and to test their plans.

For further advice and information please visit the Gov.UK and the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) websites. We've also detailed some other useful websites in the related information section.