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Cardio vascular disease

Cardio-vascular disease (CVD) includes coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and peripheral arterial disease. These conditions are frequently brought about by the development of atheroma and thrombosis (blockages in the arteries). They're also linked to conditions such as heart failure, chronic kidney disease and dementia.

What do we know?

Cardio-vascular disease (CVD) is the most common cause of death in Shropshire, accounting for around 35% of all deaths annually. Much premature death (under 75 years) from CVD is caused by lifestyle risk factors, eg smoking and poor diet, and therefore is preventable.

Locally premature mortality from CVD has decreased significantly in the last two decades, and in Shropshire rates are significantly lower than the national figures. However, males are significantly more likely to die prematurely from CVD than females. Males living in the most deprived fifth of areas in Shropshire are significantly more likely to die prematurely than males in the least deprived fifth, whereas there's no difference in premature death between females living in the most and least deprived areas of Shropshire.

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