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Low workplace earnings

Income is one of the major factors in determining deprivation. There are significantly more health inequalities in areas of deprivation compared to more affluent areas; therefore low workplace earnings have a relationship with poor health. People with higher incomes are more able to enjoy a healthier lifestyle as they can purchase goods and services to prevent the onset of ill health. They are also less likely to be stressed due to financial problems.

Overall in England workplace earnings have increased slightly in the last four years, with male earnings significantly higher than females.

What do we know?

For people whose workplace is in Shropshire, earnings have risen by 6.1% since 2008.

There was a slight decline in earnings between 2010 and 2011 (-0.8%).

The gap in earnings between women and men working in Shropshire was larger than the gender gap nationally and regionally. Also in comparison to the West Midlands and England averages, the earnings of people working full-time in Shropshire were considerably lower.

For part time workers in Shropshire earnings were actually slightly higher than that of the West Midlands and England; this is because people working part-time in Shropshire work more hours on average than the national or regional averages.

Average full time wages for Shropshire residents are higher than those for people whose work place is in Shropshire and resident earnings have risen more rapidly than workplace earnings.

This suggests that many of Shropshire’s residents work outside the county, particularly those in better paid employment. However, Shropshire female resident earnings are lower than female earnings where the workplace is in Shropshire.

Overall full time Shropshire resident earnings are higher than the West Midlands average, but lower than the national average. This means that those with no option but to work within Shropshire are subject to lower wages than Shropshire residents overall who are more mobile and able to work outside the county.

What are we doing?

There is currently an economic growth strategy being developed with Shropshire Council and Shropshire Business Board. This aims to attract more businesses to the county and create more jobs.

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