Shropshire Council

Pupils Gifted in Sport Scheme

Shropshire Council, supported by the Walker Trust, provides funding to the Shropshire Schools' Sports and Athletics Association (SSSAA) to help assist the development of pupils gifted in sport.

Who can qualify?

Any pupil:

  • Whose home address is normally in Shropshire
  • Who's under the age of 19
  • Who's in or continuing in full-time education in an affiliated school or college in Shropshire

can qualify for assistance if they meet the SSSAA criteria of excellence, within the following categories:

  • Current international
  • National squad member
  • Regional squad member

What help is available?

Monetary grants, normally up to a maximum of £1,000 for each application, can be given to assist with any costs involved with the ongoing development of an individual pupil's gift. For example, these costs could be for the purchase of specialist equipment, specialist training, representation at national/international level and so on.

An individual is not precluded from making more than one application per year. However, being able to receive two grants within a 12-month period is unlikely due to financial constraints. The intention is to try to assist individuals with their ongoing development as and when they need financial help.

Will everyone who applies get a grant?

No. When the funding has been spent in any financial year, no more will be available until the next financial year.  In addition, in fulfilling their responsibilities to ensure the criteria are met, the SSSAA will be the final arbiter of which individuals are to benefit at any given time from the funds available.

How do I apply?

Complete the application form. Attach all supporting evidence of your achievements to date. Attach letters of support from your:

  • National coach and/or sport's governing body/other person representative of your sport
  • School headteacher/college principal or head of PE

and either send it to us at or post it to:

Leisure Services,
Shropshire Council
The Shirehall,
Abbey Foregate,
Shrewsbury, SY2 6ND