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'Saved' policies are the planning policies contained in the Local Plans produced by the former county, district and borough councils and the Structure Plan produced by the County Council. 'Saved' policies remain as part of the Development Plan until they are replaced by the Shropshire Council Local Development Framework (LDF).

The first document of the Shropshire Council LDF, the Core Strategy, was adopted on 24 February. Please follow the link at the bottom of the page to view the adopted Core Strategy.

'Saved' Shropshire County Council Planning Policies

Shropshire County Council had a separate planning function from the district and borough councils in that it dealt with planning policies for mineral and waste development, and, up until 2004, prepared a county wide Structure Plan. Therefore there are three sets of 'saved' planning policies from the former County Council, which are:

  • Waste Local Plan 2002 - 2014
  • Joint Minerals Local Plan 1996 - 2006 (prepared jointly with Telford & Wrekin Council)
  • Joint Structure Plan 1996 - 2011(prepared jointly with Telford & Wrekin Council)


The Core Strategy replaces a number of 'saved' policies in the former County Council's Structure Plan and Local Plans. The policies that have been replaced by the Core Strategy no longer form part of the Development Plan within the former Local Planning Authority boundary and will not be used to assess planning applications.

However, a number of policies will remain in place until adoption of the second major LDF document, the Site Allocations and Management of Development DPD (SAMDev), which is expected to take place in 2013. These 'saved' policies will continue to help inform decisions on planning applications.

Follow the relevant attachments on this page to access the Waste Local Plan, Joint Mineral Local Plan, and Joint Structure Plan. The 'schedule of replaced and remaining policies' includes a list of those policies in the Structure Plan and Local Plans that have been replaced by the Core Strategy and those that remain.

Relevant Planning Documents prepared by the former Shropshire County Council

Along with the 'saved' policies there are also a series of adopted plans and strategies still relevant to each former Local Planning Authority area. These include Development Briefs for specific sites and Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). Where appropriate these documents will also continue to contribute to decisions on planning applications.

Plans and strategies still relevant to the former Shropshire County Council can be accessed via the relevant attachments on this page.

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