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Distributing the levy

CIL distribution

We've resolved to distribute CIL to allow a direct link between new development and its contribution to the delivery of local community infrastructure needs.

The CIL Distribution Table, available to download on this page, shows how CIL funds are distributed using our approach. Following this approach a development with a CIL liability of £10,000 would be distributed as follows:

  • £500 (or 5%) will be used for the administration of CIL by us;
  • £1,500 (or 15%) will be provided to the local community (parish/town council) as Neighbourhood Fund. Of the remainder (£8000):
  • £800 (10%) will be used by us in conjunction with infrastructure providers for strategic infrastructure across Shropshire; and
  • £7,200 (90%) will be used by us in conjunction with parish/town councils to deliver local infrastructure within the area where the development takes place.

Neighbourhood Fund

The Neighbourhood Fund (Meaningful Proportion) was introduced on 25 April 2013. It's the proportion of the CIL that is to be provided directly to the local community where a development takes place, through the relevant town or parish council. The government intends the Neighbourhood Fund to encourage communities to accommodate new development and to allow them the ability to address the subsequent impact of new development.

The Neighbourhood Fund represents:

  • 25% of the total CIL liability where there is an adopted formal neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order.
  • 15% of the CIL liability where there is not a neighbourhood plan (capped at £100 per council tax dwelling).

However, the Neighbourhood Fund only applies where the CIL liability notice (usually issued shortly after a planning application is approved) has been issued since the introduction of the 2013 Amendment CIL Regulations on 25 April 2013.

The Neighbourhood Fund is in addition to the Local Infrastructure Fund, which will be utilised by us in conjunction with town and parish councils to deliver the agreed infrastructure priorities identified through the place plan documents.

Payment of the Neighbourhood Fund will be made on an annual basis in April, coinciding with precept payments, unless requested otherwise by a town or parish council in order to facilitate delivery of a project.

CIL accounts

We'll periodically provide a breakdown of the CIL income and expenditure.


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