Shropshire Council

Supporting you to keep warm

Your home’s temperature and your family’s health

There’s no right or wrong temperature for your home, but adjusting your thermostat so that it’s just right for you can have a positive impact on your health. Below is a guide to ideal minimum temperatures for typical homes, as published in the government’s cold weather plan for England, and provided for us by SSE:

Who’s at home

Their ideal temperature

Healthy people 64 years or under

Entire home at 18°

Over 65s, or people with medical conditions

A minimum of 18° although slightly above this may be beneficial for health


Bedroom between 16° and 20°

If you’re unsure of your rooms’ temperatures, it’s a good idea to buy a thermometer, which you can take from room to room. You’ll find one in your local hardware store. Should you become concerned about the risk of hypothermia for yourself or a family member, visit NHS Choices to learn about the danger signs, and what to do if someone becomes unwell.

How can SSE help

We’ve chosen an energy partner that offers comprehensive support for any of their customers worried that they may not be able to keep warm, or afford the energy they need to live comfortably. If you have any concerns about yourself, or about a friend or family member, you should find the help you need below.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

This is a government scheme which offers financial assistance to those most in need of help with paying their energy bills.

It’s open to two types of households:

The 'core' group

If you're in this group, contact SSE to let them know and you'll receive the 'warm home discount'. You're in this group if you or your partner is the named electricity account holder, and receives either of the following:

  • The guarantee credit element of pension credit only (not just the state pension)
  • The guarantee credit element and the savings credit element of pension credit

The 'broader' group

You're in this group if you’re the named electricity account holder, and not in receipt of the above benefits. However, you’ll still be able to apply for the warm home discount when the 2017/18 applications open. 

Find out more and register on the SSE website.

SSE careline and priority register service

We want to help Shropshire residents remain independent in their own homes. SSE appreciate that when it comes to making decisions about their energy usage and bills, some customers need extra help and time.

The SSE careline and priority service gives access to friendly call centre staff, who can offer a range of helpful services, including:

  • A 'knock and wait' service, which gives you more time to answer your door, and a password, so you, or the person representing you, can identify who's at the door
  • Bills and communications in adapted formats such as large print, Braille and audio
  • Arranging for communications to be sent to an authorised friend or family member, who can act on your behalf to manage your accounts, if you both agree
  • Priority help in the event of a power cut if you rely on electricity for medical equipment
  • Quarterly meter readings if you, or anyone else living in your property, is unable to do this, to ensure you receive accurate bills
  • Free replacement or relocation of a prepayment meter that you are having difficulty accessing or topping up

Find out more and register on the SSE website.

British Sign Language (BSL) customer service

SSE offer a SignVideo service which enables customers registered with British Sign Language (BSL) to discuss their energy account in confidence with SSE, via a BSL interpreter.