Shropshire Council

Why we're working with a private company

We’re always looking for ways to help support our residents in their everyday lives and believe that an exclusive, discounted energy tariff will do just that.

As we're continually facing reductions in our own budgets, we recognise that we need to find other opportunities to raise income. There are many different cashback opportunities out there and essentially, we have put the same kind of arrangement in place with SSE.

For everyone who switches to the new Shropshire Community Energy tariff, SSE pays Shropshire Council a fee. Now, from 1 October 2017 all money raised will be used to benefit a local good cause – rather than be put towards the cost of running the council’s culture and heritage services as it has been.

At the same time, SSE will also pay Shropshire Council whenever local people sign up to SSE’s new phone and broadband package – this money will also go to towards the same good causes.

A different good cause will benefit every three months. Each cause must meet certain criteria, including benefiting people across the county, and Shropshire Council’s partners will be invited to suggest causes that they feel would be worthy recipients.

Between 1 October and 31 December 2017 money raised will be used to produce online ‘e-learning’ training packages to help teach food bank users how to use a computer and access the internet. This is vital as many central Government services will soon only be accessible online and for those who cannot use a computer, such training may be a lifeline.

The training is an important part of a wider package of support that will see Shropshire Council donate IT equipment to the foodbanks and other charities.

This is the first of hopefully many projects that deliver benefits for the people of Shropshire by working closely with private businesses.