Shropshire Council

Feedback - your opinion matters

You can give us comments, complaints or compliments about the services we provide and the information on these pages in two ways:

  • Email titling your email 'Feedback'
  • Meet us at events and groups held throughout the county to talk face to face with a local offer representative. We endeavour to act on key points, recurring themes or crucial individual comments found within the feedback we receive in formulating future policy

We'll promote and hold regular opportunities for parent carers, children, young people, professionals, and service providers where there will be a chance for you to speak with a representative of the local offer, and to address your thoughts directly to the team. We value your comments, and try our best to respond to all feedback where appropriate. To register your interest in attending any of our face-to-face feedback sessions please email

We'll regularly publish comments we have received, our responses to those comments, and actions taken as a result. Feedback received to date has shaped the way the local offer has been developed, and has provided us with crucial information that has directly influenced the approach we have taken to create our local offer.

Sharing experiences of SEND local offer services

You can email your experiences and comments to the SEND Local Offer team, and we'll compile these regularly and publish them here. The purpose of this 'shared experiences' section is to help other parents make informed decisions about which services they may choose to use, so we'd be grateful if you could think about what would be useful for them to know.

The SEND local offer is not the place to vent your anger. If you're having problems with a service, we recommend you speak to that service directly to try to resolve the situation. Alternatively, you can phone our Information Advice and Support Service on 01743 280019 for further support.

Your comment should be factually correct and not refer to any named individuals, unless it's necessary to do so. In that case we may anonymise the information. If you're commenting about an event or activity, you may find the following format useful:

  • What I liked
  • What I didn’t like
  • What I'd need in the future

Please include a date and/or location so we can be clear as to which event/activity you're sharing your experience about. All comments are seen by the SEND local offer coordinator and forwarded to the service as a courtesy. Services aren't required to reply to your comment but some may choose to do so, which we encourage.

If the service does reply, please note that the SEND local offer coordinator won't publish a further comment from you regarding the same issue or concern. In some instances, the service provider may contact you directly. If they choose to do this, we won't issue contact details without your consent.

Please note that all comments and feedback are subject to moderation before being included in our shared experiences page. If they include inappropriate language, they won't be published.

SEND Local Offer annual update report

Under the Children and Families Act 2014 there's a duty for the SEND local offer to publish an annual report detailing information about feedback received, developments in SEND services, and changes or developments around the SEND local offer. Take a look at the 2016 annual report (the 2017 edition will be coming soon).

You said, we did…

When we receive feedback, we try demonstrating how we've responded to this through a 'you said, we did' approach. This helps you to see what impact your feedback has had directly on a service, process, or information area. You can find a selection of these in our annual SEND Local Offer Update, but we'll regularly update this section too to show our continued commitment to improving your family’s experience of services. Here's a flavour...

You said

It would be nice to have pictures of the services within the directory to help young people identify them.

We did

The SEND Local Offer Directory has been migrated onto a platform that has the facility to do this. We moved from a tool provided by FutureGov to using an existing Open Objects platform. This has also improved access to the Family Information Service from within the SEND local offer.

You said

We would like tutorials on how to use the local offer.

We did

We're now exploring how we can create and upload topic specific tutorial videos to the website to help you navigate the service better. We have also provided ‘local offer training’ to many schools, parent carer groups, and providers to help them to help you use the SEND local offer better.

You said

We'd like a phone number to contact the SEND Local Offer team.

We did

A dedicated phone number has now been created which takes you through to our customer care team. The customer care team receive regular training and updates to keep them up to date on how they can best help you.