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We offer a range of traditional rural craft and trade courses between April and December, where you can learn the forgotten skills of the past…

All courses start at 10am and finish at 4pm unless otherwise stated. Please note that a few courses run over more than one day. Where this is the case, information will be included in the course detail, with just the start date shown in the course information at the top of each page.

Lunch is provided on all full-day courses, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day. Please notify us of any dietary requirements when you book.

Many of these courses make ideal presents. Please let us know if you'd like the day to be a surprise!

If you're interested in a specific topic or time of the year, use the filtering options on this page.

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Classic condiments Next running on: 25 September 10am

With Christmas just around the corner, how about learning to make those special flavoured cheeses to impress your friends and family?

Ploughing with heavy horses Next running on: 28 September 10am

Learn the basics of ploughing, including how to harness a pair of heavy horses and prepare the plough for work in the field in this in-depth two day course.

Also runs on: 29 September, 19 October, 20 October ... and more dates

Bread and butter Next running on: 30 September 10am

Join us on this course to learn the art of making cheese and butter at home from whole milk.

Also runs on: 04 November

Harvest festival Next running on: 30 September 10am

Join our annual celebration and give thanks to the animals and the land for providing us with food.

Family history weekend Next running on: 6 October 10am

Come to Acton Scott and see how your ancestors would have lived and worked.

Also runs on: 07 October

Orchard restoration Next running on: 6 October 10am

The course is aimed at gardeners and smallholders, and will cover siting an orchard, choosing suitable species and varieties to plant, and how to look after them.

Perfect pickles Next running on: 6 October 10am

Pickling is an age old method of preserving fruit and vegetables, traditionally making the most of the autumn abundance ready to be used in the depths of winter.

Peg loom and stick weaving Next running on: 7 October 10am

A one day beginners course covering stick weaving and the use of a peg loom to create simple projects.

From fleece to fibre Next running on: 13 October 10am

This one day course will explain the preparation of raw fleece including sorting combing and carding.

Steam threshing Next running on: 27 October 10am

For the last two weeks of our season, we're visited by the steam engine to power our threshing machine and bailer.

Also runs on: 28 October, 03 November, 04 November

Christmas in a jar - 1 Next running on: 3 November 10am

Winter preserving is usually undertaken with Christmas in mind, and using up the last of the orchard and vegetable bounty.

Wheelwrighting Next running on: 16 November 10am

During this three day course for just four participants with some woodworking experience, you will be guided through the many processes required to make a traditional wheel.

Also runs on: 17 November, 18 November

Christmas in a jar - 2 Next running on: 17 November 10am

Winter preserving is usually undertaken with Christmas in mind, and using up the last of the orchard and vegetable bounty.

Make a Christmas wreath Next running on: 15 December 10am

Make your own Christmas decoration. A lovely way to prepare for the festive season.