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Orchard restoration

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  • Price: £70
  • Topics: Countryside skills

The course is aimed at gardeners and smallholders, and will cover siting an orchard, choosing suitable species and varieties to plant, and how to look after them.  You will be shown how to plant a tree and protect it from animals and strimmers, and learn how to prune your tree to make it a pleasant shape and fruitful.

You will find out about the pests and diseases that could affect your trees, and learn how to prevent or treat them.  And finally you will be shown how to restore old trees that have become tangled and unproductive due to neglect.

After attending the course, you should go home with the knowledge and skills needed to manage your own trees or orchard with confidence.

A small part of this course takes place outside, please dress for the weather and wear sturdy boots and strong gloves.

Tutor: Paul Davis

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