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Acton Scott crowdfunder

25 February 2019 Last updated at 02:03

Charlie and Joe are our iconic shire horses here at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Charlie in particular is approaching his retirement and we're looking to add a new pair of working horses to our stables. Charlie is a wonderful horse who regularly has visitors grooming him, sitting on him or riding behind him on one of our carts. For the heavier farm work he works in a pair with our younger horse Joe. Together they do all the work done by a modern tractor, ie ploughing right through to harvesting.

The shire horses are the museum's unique selling point and by far our most popular attraction. Visitors can really get to know the horses and enjoy regular visits or one of our heavy horse courses.

We're looking to raise funds to cover the cost of the new pair of horses. The money we raise will enable us to find a matched pair of working shire horses that already have some of the skills we need here at the farm. They will have a wonderful new home and have plenty of attention from our waggoner Simon, as well as the rest of the staff and visitors. Without our horses we could not grow our crops in order to feed the rest of our animals and tend the land.

If you'd like to contribute to the funding of the two new horses, take a look at Acton Scott's crowdfunder page.

Thank you!