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Memorial consultation

Consultation on the latest design for the memorial and a proposal to site the memorial within the cloister garden, Longden Road Cemetery, Shrewsbury


Dear Parent,

A meeting to discuss the memorial was held on 27 August 2019 with Action for Ashes.  The notes from this meeting and details of what was discussed are on the document on this webpage entitled ‘Joint update from Memorial Meeting’.

At the meeting on the 27 August, it was reported by Action for Ashes that many parents prefer the latest design of the memorial (see ‘Dandelion & hand design’).  Comments made and seen on social media sites support this view.

Taking into account the comments seen and reported about the latest memorial design, the preferred option agreed is to have this memorial design installed within the cloister garden within Longden Road Cemetery, Shrewsbury, SY3 7HS.  Please note this is not Emstrey Crematorium which is on London Road.  Longden Road Cemetery is opposite the Red Barn Pub (Please see the location map)

Shropshire Council owns the cloister garden at Longden Road Cemetery, the council is happy with the new memorial design and will willingly have the memorial created to this design and installed within the cloister garden, provided parents are happy with this.

The cloister garden within the cemetery offers advantages over other locations as follows: The area is covered and sheltered, the area is easily accessible with adjacent parking which is free, the site has good opening hours and is open 7 days a week, every week of the year from 08:00 until dusk, the gardens will be redesigned to provide more colour and to suit the memorial and there are opportunities for further memorials and or a memorial bench.  Please see the photo’s of the cloister garden for further details. (note photo 1 shows a Cordyline type shrub, the shrub is no longer there but does indicate where the memorial would be positioned and an approximate height for the memorial.) 

The next step

The next step is to consult with parents on the latest design and proposed location.

All parties involved with the memorial are very keen to ensure the memorial is provided as soon as possible for all parents. 

Understandably, because of the range of views parents have and the number of parents being consulted with, we recognise it may be a challenge to provide a memorial and in a location that every parent agrees with unanimously.   

We recognise too, the emotional strain this process is putting upon parents, taking this into account there is a desire to proceed with the memorial as soon as possible.  If a unanimous view cannot be achieved it may be necessary to proceed with a majority view.

The consultation and how to have your say about the latest memorial design and proposed new location

This is not a public consultation and therefore we are not inviting comments from the general public. Shropshire Council is seeking only the views of relevant parents. 

The consultation questions being asked are:

  1. Do you object to the current memorial design that depicts the form of a Dandelion, hand and baby?
  1. Do you object to the proposed location for the memorial that being the cloister garden within Longden Road Cemetery, Shrewsbury, SY3 7HS?

There are further areas where Shropshire Council welcomes your comments:

  1. Have you a suggestion(s) for a name or title for the memorial?
  1. Have you a suggestion(s) for a form of words for the memorial inscription?

How and by when to make your views known

To let us know your comments about the memorial design and location, please click on the green button below.

Please let us have your thoughts and comments »

Alternatively you may prefer to email: or write to:
Memorial Consultation, Bereavement Services, Shropshire Council, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND

Please respond by Friday 18 October 2019. The consultation will then be closed.

Thank you for your time in letting us know your views.  Responses will be collated and viewed before deciding on and taking the next steps.  If parents are happy with the proposed design and new location, this will enable an order to be placed to create and install the memorial. 

Shropshire Council will communicate with you again and on this webpage to let you know the outcome of this consultation stage and what will happen next.