Shropshire Council

Memorial consultation

Dear Parent,

Update following the memorial consultation – 30 May 2019

Recently Shropshire Council consulted with parents regarding the first draft design proposed for the memorial to be installed in the Dingle, Quarry Park to remember all infants who have been cremated at Emstrey, and particularly those for whom very regrettably ashes were not recovered.

This first stage of consultation on the design has now closed, thank you for providing your feedback.  The consultation responses received clearly indicate that parents want to see considerable change to the design of the memorial.  

What has happened since?

Shropshire Council has provided the parent’s responses to the artist designer, Lottie O’Leary.  Since the end of the consultation Lottie has also met with some parents from the group ‘Action for Ashes’ to discuss the ideas the group has for a revised memorial design. 

What will happen next?

Taking into account the consultation responses and using the ideas provided by Action for Ashes and also working closely with parents from the group; Lottie will work over the coming weeks to create a new design or range of design ideas that are hopefully closer to what parents wish to see for the memorial.

When the new memorial design(s) are available these will again be shown on this web page and consulted on to seek parents views and comments. Please check back here periodically for updates.  If you have previously received letters about the consultation you will be advised when the new memorial design(s) are available to view and also provided with information about how to make your comments known.