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Civil partnership conversions

Have you previously had a civil partnership that you'd like to convert into a marriage? There are a number of options open to couples, in terms of where the conversion can take place in:

Converting your civil partnership to marriage is an entirely administrative process and no ceremony is involved. However, if you wish to have a celebratory ceremony after your conversion we're happy to arrange this for you.

The choice you make in terms of where and when your conversion takes place determines which process would need to be used. Most of our customers have opted for the simple one-stage conversion process where they've made an appointment at a registration office, produced their evidence and signed the appropriate declaration to convert their civil partnership to a marriage in one appointment. However you can choose to present your evidence to the registrar on one day and then have a conversion on another day at another venue (two-stage process) - it's your choice. 

In order to convert a civil partnership to a marriage in Shropshire a couple will need to make an appointment at any of the registration service points by phoning 0345 678 9016 and asking to speak directly to the Registration Service.

One-stage process conversion

At your appointment, which will take about an hour, you'll be asked to produce evidence of names, dates of birth, address, date and place of your civil partnership. For this, the following documents are acceptable:

  • Your civil partnership certificate
  • Your valid passports
  • Proof of your address:
    • valid UK or EEA driving licence
    • gas, water or electricity bill from the last three months
    • bank or building society statement from the last month
    • council tax bill from the last 12 months

The registrar will review the evidence and complete the required forms. Once the forms have been completed the couple will be asked to sign a declaration that they wish to convert their civil partnership to marriage. The conversion will then be registered into the national system and a marriage certificate issued. 

If you decide that you'd like to have a ceremony afterwards, our usual prices for a non-statutory ceremony apply.

Two-stage process conversion

If you decide that you'd prefer to convert your civil partnership into a marriage, and sign the declaration at a different location or time to where the declaration was completed, a more complex two-stage process applies.

Under this two-stage procedure the declaration can be signed at a venue where a marriage of a same-sex couple can take place at:

  • Civil premises  - a register office - where the couple wish to sign the declaration in a register office at a different time or in a different district from when/where they provided their details
  • An approved venue - we may provide a ceremony to immediately follow the signing of the declaration. No religious service may be used at such a ceremony
  • Religious premises - a building registered for the solemnisation of marriages of same-sex couples, and only where the superintendent registrar attends, and the signing of the declaration is to be followed by a blessing or other non-statutory ceremony. At present the only religious building in the Shropshire Council area registered for the solemnisation of marriages of same-sex couples is the Shrewsbury Unitarian Church
  • A naval, military or RAF chapel registered for the solemnisation of marriages of same-sex couples, where at least one of the parties is a qualified person within the meaning of Section 68(2) of the Marriage Act 1949
  • A Jewish synagogue where the consent of the governing authority has been obtained
  • A place of meeting of members of the Society of Friends where the consent of the governing authority has been obtained

The current fees chargeable can be found in the fees section of this website.