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Civil partnerships

From Thursday 11 June it will be possible to give notice of marriage or civil partnership in the Shropshire Council area. We'll have contacted directly all of our customers who plan to marry or enter into a civil partnership between now and the end of August, and who have not already given notice to advise them, and will be contacting our other customers shortly. Appointments will be available at the Shropshire Register Office, Shirehall, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ND. The other registration offices around the Shropshire Council area will remain closed for the time being. Appointments will be available on Thursdays and Fridays in the first instance.

Please be aware that although the government has allowed notices to be given, they have not yet allowed ceremonies to proceed, and at present it is unclear when this will happen. Giving notice of marriage or civil partnership is no guarantee that your ceremony will take place. A notice once given is for a specific venue and is valid for a period of 12 months – this can't be changed. If you change your venue after giving notice you'll be required to do so again and go through the legally required 28-day waiting period.

When attending an appointment the following will apply, please read carefully:

  • A maximum of two adults should attend an appointment. Please don't bring children or babies if at all possible.
  • Please don't arrive early – if you arrive early you should wait in your vehicle or outside the office until the time of your appointment.
  • Please don't arrive late – if you're any more than five minutes late we won't be able to see you.
  • Please don't attend the office if you or anyone in your household has coronavirus symptoms.
  • If you appear to have any symptoms when you arrive at the office you won't be seen and will have to book a fresh appointment.
  • Please feel free to wear masks or face coverings.
  • Contactless payments will be our preferred method of payment – no cash will be accepted.
  • Public toilets will be unavailable.
  • Parking is provided immediately outside the register office in Shrewsbury.

You can use our online booking system to book your appointment. It's quick and simple and should only take a few minutes.

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If you don't want to book online, you can call 0345 678 9016 to book an appointment through our customer service centre.

What is a civil partnership?

Civil partnership allows same sex and opposite sex couples across the UK to have their relationships legally recognised. After registration, couples who have entered into a civil partnership have the same rights as married couples in areas like tax, social security, inheritance and workplace benefits.

Who can register?

The couple must be:

  • Aged 16 or over (consent will be needed if under 18 years)
  • Not already married or in a civil partnership
  • Not closely related to each other by blood or marriage.

How do we register a civil partnership?

  • Decide where your civil partnership is to be held (these may be held at any register office, local authority ceremony room or approved venue). It's not possible to have a civil partnership in religious premises. Please speak to your local registration service if you'd like to discuss this on 0345 678 9016. If you don't know where your local register office is based please check using the Gov.UK website
  • Decide when you would like it to be held
  • Speak to the venue to check availability
  • Contact the register office in which the venue is situated to arrange for the attendance of registrars
  • Make an arrangement with your local registrars to complete your legal preliminaries (these can be done up to 12 months in advance)

If you live in the Shropshire Council area, you can make an appointment to complete your notices of civil partnership on line using our booking system.

You'll need to provide some evidence of your name, age, date of birth, nationality and address to the registrar when you give notice. There are very specific requirements around acceptable documents. Take a look at the information on the prescribed evidence webpage.

The most important things to do are:

  • Get advice and information. Your local register office or the website of the general register office can help
  • Decide where you want to register. You can register in the same sorts of places as those who are getting married. For information about holding a civil partnership formation in a religious building please contact us on 0345 678 9016
  • Fix the date. If you're registering at an approved venue, remember to check that the registrar can attend on that day
  • Arrange to give notice of your intention to register. Find out more about giving notice and evidence required for this process
  • Get registered. A civil partnership is formed when each person signs the civil partnership schedule in front of the registrar and two witnesses. If you want a ceremony around these formalities, you should discuss it with the registration service and the venue. However, no religious service can take place whilst the civil partnership registrar is officiating at the formation of a civil partnership. This includes where the civil partnership formation is taking place in a religious building

Immigration control

If either of the parties are subject to immigration control, you'll need to go together to a specially designated register office. For more information on this take a look at our immigration control page.