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Vow renewal ceremonies

What is a reaffirmation of vows ceremony?

This is a ceremony suitable for any couple who have already contracted a marriage or civil partnership and want to celebrate their relationship by reaffirming their vows in a unique and personal way.

The words of the ceremony are used as an outline. You can personalise your ceremony by including readings and music. You can ask family members or friends to be witnesses at the ceremony, give new wedding rings or indeed rededicate your existing rings.

The ceremony

  • Opening words
  • Reading
  • Reaffirmation
  • Exchange of rings
  • Reading
  • Signing of the record of ceremony
  • Presentation of the certificate (this will have no legal status) and closing words

A commemorative certificate will be presented as a memento of the occasion, though these certificates have no legal standing.

Where can the ceremony be held?

At any of our registration service ceremony rooms on a weekday or Saturday, or at any of the approved venues in Shropshire at a mutually convenient time, Saturdays and Sundays included.

How do you arrange a ceremony?

You should first contact the Shropshire Registration Office on 0345 678 9016 or via email to discuss and arrange your ceremony requirements. You'll be required to show your marriage or civil partnership certificate to the registration service officers at the time of booking your ceremony. You'll also be required to pay a booking fee.

What is the charge for this ceremony?

See our pricing section.

Important information

  • These ceremonies have no legal status
  • You can't have any religious content in your ceremony
  • The ceremony will be conducted by registration service officers, acting in their capacity as celebrants and not registration officers
  • If you doubt the validity of your marriage, please contact your local register office, as it may be appropriate to have a legally binding marriage ceremony