Shropshire Council

Meet the team

We believe that people value people. We know that we are only as strong as the people who represent us, so we’re really proud of our small but perfectly formed team. Each team member understands the public sector and collectively they bring a broad range of skills to the work we do.

We pride ourselves on our ability to form great relationships with our clients and the people who will ultimately use the services we help them to develop; we believe that this is down to the passion, enthusiasm, experience, and energy that each of our team bring to their work.

Emma Valducci - Business Design Consultant
Emma is the psychologist of the team. With a real interest in human behaviour Emma immerses herself in the customer experience and gets to the real root of the issues at hand, understanding the challenges and needs of organisation, customer and community. With a background in both public and private sectors Emma brings creativity, empathy and strong research and analytical skills to the team. Emma has played a key role in two of the Mi projects, and has more recently lead on an iLab project researching societal attitudes to employing people with disabilities.  
Helen Palin - Business Design Consultant
Helen is one of our most experienced researchers.   She is excellent at building working relationships with people whether they be frontline practitioners or citizens and has a real talent for helping clients to really understand how services are being delivered and received. Helen has been a key researcher on a recent piece of falls insight work and is currently supporting Shropshire Council to commission its Early Years Provision.  
Jo Kilcoyne - Business Design Consultant
Jo is our champion of the people. She passionately believes that we need to keep everything we do grounded in the needs and the lives of those people for whom we are designing services.  She loves spending time with people, asking those pertinent questions to really understand more about them.  She is great at seeing themes in what we hear and getting to the heart of the insights.  Jo is a co-founder of Gusto, she led our falls insight work for Mi and is currently supporting the design of a new approach to adult social care finance.  
Melanie France - Business Design Consultant
Mel is our coaching champion and an experienced business design consultant who has a real enthusiasm for putting the customer at the heart of design. Mel’s open, honest approach to change is demonstrated in her ability to engage with people from all walks of life with consistent communication. Mel is passionate about helping communities to grow and flourish and demonstrated this whilst she was a key member of the team working on the Resilient Communities project in Craven Arms.  
Michelle Walker - Business Design Consultant
Michelle is one of our experienced and creative researchers. Michelle has a methodological and systematic style along with a customer focused work ethic, which enables her to accurately gather the facts and demonstrate a clear understanding of the fundamental issues being investigated. Michelle has led and played a key role in several of Shropshire Council’s transformation projects resulting in positive customer behavioural change and cost savings for the Council.  
Neil Felton - Managing Business Design Consultant
Neil is an accomplished Programme Manager and Business Designer with 20+ years’ experience and knowledge working with Public Sector clients. Neil is an organised, logical, strategic thinker and uses these skills to efficiently and effectively lead change management throughout the organisations that he works with. Neil has worked at all levels of Local Government progressing from the frontline to several management positions. This experience means that Neil not only understands the issues faced by operational staff, but also the needs and expectations of customers and he uses this to deliver high quality and sustainable organisational change. Neil is passionate about working with organisations to solve social and business problems that deliver better outcomes for both the customer and the client.  
Sharon Clements - Business Design Consultant
Sharon is our most enthusiastic motivator. She has over 30 years’ experience across the private public, military and social sectors, and a passion for both organisational and personal development. Sharon embraces change and honesty and feels that these qualities are key to achieving improvement. Sharon is passionate about providing the best levels of service to achieve sustainable outcomes, and achieves this though realism, true understanding, a dash of community spirit and a heap load of enthusiasm.