Shropshire Council

What we do

Service Design

We start with people and end with people to design solutions that fit around their lives. Using our unique approach we enable our clients to think differently about the challenges they face. We work with teams to help them create a service design methodology and toolkit which is both outcomes and people focused and fits their organisational mould, enabling them to focus on the problem rather than getting bogged down in trying to deliver a perceived solution. Great innovation starts with people and we get a real buzz from getting to know them. We believe that customer insight is more than just big data. Customer insight isn’t market research either, it’s a comprehensive overview of customers derived from structured analysis of qualitative and quantitative data.  We help our clients learn more about people’s mindsets, moods, motivations, desires, and aspirations. We focus on people because our experience tells us that to achieve sustainable outcomes we have to involve everyone who will both deliver, receive and benefit from the solutions. Through the use of tools such as customer journey mapping and personas we are able to translate research into useful insights which can be used to develop strategies to help clients design new services, or evaluate the ones they already have. Using light touch ethnography comprised of contextual interviews and shadowing we help clients to understand what it’s like to walk a day in someone else’s shoes. After all, without customer insight you’re just making it up.

Public Service Innovation

Through the implementation of service design, we use innovation labs to help clients tackle their tricky social challenges by showing them how to research their hunches, come up with new ideas and test them out in a controlled environment. Whether clients want us to run a training day, a week long innovation lab to solve a specific challenge, or setup a permanent innovation lab of their own, we will work to create a learning community to help them find solutions to pressing social issues. We devise strategies to overcome barriers to innovation that ensure we leave a legacy of innovation for years to come.

Organisational Change

We work with leaders to redefine their organisations by complimenting existing organisational change plans, not reinventing them. Our design led approach helps clients to rethink the way they solve problems by embedding a culture of transformation by design. We recognise that in the public sector innovation can sometimes feel risky, so we help clients to embrace risk by creating a controlled and managed environment to prototype new ways of working. Through our structured agile design process we help our clients to reduce the risk of large scale change which are system or process driven, and because we start and end with people, we design solutions which only focus on what customers actually need and not what clients think they need – this ultimately leads to savings for the organisation, whilst at the same time improving customer experience. Our co-design approach actively involves all stakeholders. By involving employees, partners, customers, citizens and end users in the design process from the start we ensure that the result meets all of their needs, not just the needs of the organisation.


We build teams and help them to learn through creative events, labs and workshops. Through our creative, structured approach, we design the best tools to enable productive and fulfilling sessions which means we always make the most of people’s valuable time. Coaching skills are used to ensure that every participant has a voice and feels valued, and with follow-ups designed around the session we ensure a positive long lasting experience for all attendees. Without good facilitation getting people together can easily become just another meeting. Our experienced team of facilitators remain independent and objective throughout, and work with clients to design and deliver events, labs and workshops which achieve real tangible outcomes.