Shropshire Council

Relationship-based practice

Relationship-based practice is the model of social work promoted in Shropshire. Our mission is to ensure ‘the right help at the right time’ for all children and their families.

To enable this to happen we're committed to supporting relationship-based practice by promoting early help, enabling families to work in partnership with universal and targeted services where safe to do so. Shropshire's children’s social care teams are committed to working together with partners across Shropshire to strengthen families and communities, engaging with families at every opportunity.

Our wish is to build on the good work happening around Shropshire, and recognise the importance of the relationship building with children, families, partner agencies and communities to ensure appropriate identification and provision of help to those who need it. It's by building strong, meaningful relationships with children, young people and families, and working in partnership with communities and partner agencies that positive change can be negotiated, facilitated, motivated, maintained and sustained. Shropshire’s relationship-based practice aims to make lasting positive changes to the lives of some of the most vulnerable families and communities.

Take a look at the full theoretical model framework for more information.