Shropshire Council

SEPuBu (Sustainable Energy in Public Buildings)

SEPuBu showcases the installation of low-carbon technologies and energy efficiency measures in a number of public buildings across local authority areas in the Marches region.

SEPuBu is a retrofit programme installing innovative interventions such as solid wall installation, solar PV (photo-voltaics to generate electricity from the sun) and energy efficient LED luminaries. SEPuBu provides an excellent opportunity to establish a rolling programme of improvements, thereby reducing both the running costs and the carbon footprint of public buildings.

Match funding is provided by the public-sector applicants, with grants from ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). We're a delivery partner in conjunction with other local authorities in the Marches region, and the overall programme is managed by Herefordshire Council.

Please see the case studies of projects so far delivered (including those commissioned by Shropshire Council) both attached to this page and on the Herefordshire Council website.