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Community support services

About this map

We've designed this map to bring together information about community responses to the coronavirus pandemic and information on local community support groups. Not all voluntary and community sector groups and organisations and town and parish councils are included. The list has been compiled predominantly from recent information shared with us since social distancing measures were put in place. Local services have contacted us to highlight changes in their work or new responses. There are many more county-wide services and support groups. Please refer to the Shropshire Community Directory for a much more comprehensive and searchable database of local services and groups.

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Map data

The map data shown above is displayed as point data. Please note that this will not reflect the geographical scope of each of the services shown. Due to the number of services included and the distinct nature of each geographical area covered, it has not been possible to display detailed information about scope of coverage for each service. Please use the contact details provided to find out more.

Information for community organisations

The information has been collated from correspondence with Shropshire Council and public information. If your organisation or group isn't included and you'd like it to be added please contact us using the details below. If your organisation or group is included and you'd rather it was removed, please accept our apologies and email stating the changes you'd like made.


Shropshire Council has included the voluntary and community sector groups, organisations and town and parish council support activities on this map for information to assist members of the public looking for community information. This should not be considered as a full list of community services. Please note that some organisations will have eligibility criteria for the services they offer or may only take referrals from certain sources. The information should be used as an information resource, but further enquiries are likely to be needed before making use of the data.

Accessibility/usability issues

We're aware that this map doesn't meet accessibility requirements, and isn't optimised for mobile devices. A csv/excel file of the data used by the map is attached to this page for those who are having difficulties accessing the information.

If you have any problems accessing the data, please email or phone customer services on 0345 678 9028, highlighting any access issues, and we'll do our best to assist by providing information in a more suitable format.