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Key messages for everyone

  • Vaccines are the way out of this pandemic. An effective vaccine is the best way to protect people from coronavirus.
  • Following extensive safety trials and authorisation by the independent regulator, the MHRA, effective Covid-19 vaccines are available in the UK for free.
  • The NHS will contact people in the priority groups when it is their turn to receive the vaccine. People are being called forward who meet the criteria based on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation’s recommendations.
  • The vaccine cannot give you the Covid-19 infection, and it will reduce your chance of becoming seriously ill.
  • Like all medicines, vaccines can cause side effects. Most of these are mild and short term, and not everyone gets them.
  • The most common side effects include:
    • a painful, heavy feeling and tenderness in the arm where you had your injection
    • feeling tired, general aches, or mild flu like symptoms
    • a headache
  • The public have an important part to play:
    • please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine, the NHS will contact you
    • when we do contact you, please attend your booked appointments
    • please continue to follow all the guidance to control the virus and save lives
  • Whether or not you have had the vaccine you still need to:
    • practice social distancing
    • wear a face mask
    • wash your hands carefully and frequently
    • follow the current guidance

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Information in other languages

This section contains information for taking a swab sample for a coronavirus test in all the languages below, and posters (in many, but not all languages) which include; financial help if you are self-isolating, know the symptoms, face coverings, limiting contact and what is contacting tracing?

Here are some useful toolkits which include links to documents and videos in alternative formats and languages:


















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European communities - vaccine toolkit

Vaccination guides for older adults in other languages

Guides for social workers in other languages

...and in English.

Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or thinking of starting a family

  • You can have the COVID-19 vaccine if you're breastfeeding.
  • If you're pregnant there’s no evidence the COVID-19 vaccine is unsafe. But more evidence is needed before you can be routinely offered the vaccine. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has updated its advice to recommend you may be able to have the vaccine if you're pregnant and:
    • at high risk of getting coronavirus because of where you work
    • have a health condition that means you're at high risk of serious complications of coronavirus
    • Women who are trying to become pregnant do not need to avoid pregnancy after having the vaccine. The vaccine cannot give you or your baby COVID-19.

Vaccination-while-pregnant-or-breastfeeding guides in other languages

Resources to support those with dementia, their families and carers

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