Shropshire Council

Appendix H - Exemption Request Guidelines

Periodical review of the Financial Rules helps to ensure that they are robust and appropriate in our ever changing work environment.  However, situations may arise where an exemption is appropriate.  

If you require an exemption to the rules to be considered then the following procedure should be followed.

An email entitled “FINANCE RULES – EXEMPTION REQUEST” should be sent to the S151 officer (copied to the deputy S151 Officer and with the following content:

The Relevant Rule(s):
A note of the relevant rule(s) against which an exemption is requested

The Situation:
An explanation of the situation which is giving rise to the exemption request 

The Exemption Scope:
A description of the extent to which the exemption is requested.   

Implications of not granting an exemption:
A description of the consequences of not granting an exemption. 

Benefits to granting the exemption:
A description of the benefits to the authority as a result of granting the request.

Risks to granting the exemption:
A note of the risks arising from granting the exemption.  

Ongoing accountability and assurance:
An explanation of how the risks noted above will be mitigated and how accountability will be upheld in the event that the exemption is granted.  

Unless all of the above points have been addressed, it is unlikely that your request will be considered.  You should expect to receive a response to your request within four weeks.