Shropshire Council

Paperless billing

We're now able to offer you the facility of receiving your council tax bill by email rather than having a paper copy sent to you each year. 

This would be more convenient for you, and will also help us reduce our costs as we would no longer have to print and post your bill.

If you'd like to sign up for e-billing please click on the green button and follow the instructions. You'll need your latest council tax bill in order to do this.

Sign up now »

Please note that if there are two or more people named on your latest council tax bill you'll either need to speak to the other people on your bill and get authorisation from them to send the council tax e-bill to your chosen email address, or the other named people will need to complete a separate application form and opt to have a separate council tax bill emailed to their chosen email address as well. 

If you don’t do this we'll have to send a paper bill as well as an email bill.