Shropshire Council

Energy bills rebate

In February 2022 the government announced a £150 energy rebate for eligible households in council tax bands A-D, to be administered by local authorities. The scheme was based on circumstances as at 1 April 2022 and ran from 1 April until 30 September 2022.

Please note that the Council Tax Energy Rebate Scheme is now closed.

Where eligible residents didn't apply for the rebate, it has been credited to their council tax account, and amended bills were sent to residents in the week ending 30 September 2022.

Council Tax – Energy Rebate Discretionary Scheme

The government has provided the us with extra funding to enable us to provide additional support to be targeted towards those most likely to be suffering hardship as a result of the cost of living crisis. This could be for households that didn't meet eligibility under the core scheme (eg households in bands E-H), or a top up payment to vulnerable residents in band A-D. Our discretionary scheme was agreed by the council's cabinet on 20 July 2022. The discretionary scheme will run until the end of November 2022.

Cabinet has agreed to:

  • Make a targeted payment of £150 for council tax support claimants in bands E-H in receipt of council tax support as of 1 April 2022 (ie that won't receive the rebate from the core scheme)
  • Make an additional top up payment of £70 to existing working age council tax support claimants in receipt of council tax support as of 1 April 2022 (and who are continuing to claim council tax support as of 1 August 2022) and if there's any remaining balance use it to support residents identified as suffering financial hardship

We'll be identifying eligible residents during October 2022, and will either make a direct payment where we hold bank details or invite residents to apply where we don't.

If you're suffering financial hardship you may also consider contacting our Welfare Support Team.