Shropshire Council

Additional guidance

Shropshire Council’s Commissioning Strategy sets out how we're transforming into a commissioner, rather than a direct deliverer, of services, and the principles we'll adopt in our approach.

The strategy refers to additional guidance and resources. This additional guidance is summarised here.

How do we commission?

We commission in many different ways. The Commissioning Mixed Economy guidance explains these different ways in detail.

What is ‘social value’ and why is it important to Shropshire?

Social value involves thinking about how everything we commission can generate wider benefit for the community. Benefits may be social, economic and environmental. Our social value guidance sets out Shropshire’s approach.

The importance of evidence and engagement

The quality of the information, data and intelligence we collect throughout the commissioning process is vital in helping us to deliver the right outcomes for people and communities in the most efficient way. The quality of our engagement with people and communities is also vital. Our Community Engagement Toolkit sets out the approaches we'll take.

The importance of outcomes - measuring the impact

When commissioning services we'll be clear about the outcomes we set out to achieve and how we're going to evaluate whether these are being achieved or not. When determining outcomes we'll ensure that they always reference back to our corporate priorities. The 'Importance of Outcomes' guidance describes how we can do this.


Decommissioning is an essential element of the commissioning process. It can be defined as ‘stopping provision of a service or a significant part of a service in order to bring about an improvement to existing service provision.’ Our decommissioning guidance sets out our approach.