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Below is a list of all current Shropshire Council tenders that are available to bid for. Click on the contract title of each tender for more information. If you'd like to request a tender pack for any opportunities, please make a note of the reference number as you will need this information for the application form, which you can access by clicking the big green button.

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On occasion we advertise tenders not directly handled by the procurement team. Check to see if there are any currently available.

Some lower value premises services work (up to £170k value) is not available through an open tender process. In order to quote on this type of work a company must be on our approved contractor list.

The deadline for tender submission is always midday on the date shown, unless otherwise stated.

Tender ref Supply/service description (with link to full tender document) Estimated contract value Contract period Submission deadline
RQCB 015

Maintenance of sprinklers and dry risers.

The initial term of the contract shall be for the period 1 September 2021 – 31 March 2024. Thereafter, the contract may be extended for a further two years (up to 31 March 2026) subject to satisfactory performance during the initial term and the agreement of the costs for the ensuing 24 months.

Further details available via Delta, our electronic tender portal

See Delta portal

See Delta portal

16 August 2021

AMCV 295

Flexible Contracting Arrangement for Mental Health and Learning Disability Services

Please see attached document

Please see attached document

Deadline for receipt of further applications 1 September 2021

Deadline for the Flexible Contract Arrangement 31 March 2031

AMCV 272

Adult social care & health associate support dynamic purchasing system

Please see attached document

Please see attached document

5 August 2026

RMCB 025

Dynamic Purchasing System for Building Construction, Design & Build Construction, Demountable (Temporary) Buildings, Asbestos Removal & Demolition

Please see attached documents

Please see attached documents

30 September 2024

DMCT 229

Passenger Transport Dynamic Purchasing System

Please see attached documents

Please see attached documents

31 October 2023