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Free property flood protection assessment

Whilst Shropshire Council and other agencies may be able to help reduce the risk of flooding to your property once it has been properly reported, in some cases there will always be a residual risk of flooding. As a result it is important that you are not only prepared for future flood events, but also that you take steps to make your property more resilient should flooding occur.

There are a large range of products available to property owners to help protect their properties or make them more resilient to flooding. A list of these products and information on companies who can correctly install them can be found via the blue pages.

In order to provide assistance in identifying measures that may improve the flood resistance and resilience of your property, Shropshire Council offer a free Property Flood Protection Guidance visit. The visit will include an initial assessment of the source of flood water and how flood water entered your property. Measures that might be for consideration are then discussed with you. A short report will be issued after the visit, highlighting the measures that might be effective at reducing future flood damage to your property and that you may wish to look to implement.

It should be noted that the Property Flood Protection Guidance Visit is intended for guidance only and to raise awareness of the types of measures available for property protection. It is the responsibility of the householder to ensure that any flood protection products are appropriate for the property and are correctly installed.

Shropshire Council are under no obligation to fund the installation of resilience products on private property.

These visits are intended for residential properties which have flooded or are at significant risk of flooding. Should you wish to book a Property Flood Protection Guidance Visit, please contact the Flood and Water Management Team via  It should be noted Shropshire Council reserve the right to refuse to visit.

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