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Early help forms

In Shropshire there's a range of tools available to assist practitioners in assessing unmet needs, identifying what outcomes need to be achieved and how this will be done. The tools we have ensure that children, young people and their families participate in the decisions that affect their lives, and that their voices are heard.

We’ve developed a whole family assessment and Webstar tool and action plan. The assessment should be used as a starting point for a discussion with family members where early help needs are emerging. The action plan is about working with the family to identify goals, solutions and tasks.

Both the assessment, Webstar and action plan should be complete through the Early Help Module (EHM). If you're not yet signed up to access the EHM please contact

Paper copies of the assessment and Webstar, and plan and consent form are below.

Early help forms

Form / document What it is and when to use it
Request for Intervention Form – COVID-19

Given the current situation, completing consent, assessments and family plans is challenging. During this period of social distancing please complete the attached form and send it to the Strengthening Families email address. Our targeted Early Help hub teams will then follow up and plan how to best support the family during this challenging period by use of digital technology and telephone support. This process will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Whole Family Assessment

The Whole Family Assessment can be used as a starting point for a discussion with family members where there are early help needs emerging. This should be completed online through the Early Help Module (EHM).

A whole family assessment doesn't need to be completed by one person; multiple practitioners can contribute. We've produced some guidance to help practitioners complete the Whole Family Assessment.

Whole family action plan

A whole family action plan supports an assessment, and is about working with the family to identify goals, solutions and tasks to aid the identification of the right service at the right time. There is guidance for practitioners on how to complete a Whole Family Action Plan. This plan should be completed and updated through the Early Help Module (EHM).

Consent form

A briefing sheet on information sharing has been developed for parents to help them understand why their personal information is held, and why it may be necessary to share that with agencies as part of the support and help provided.

We're committed to being open and honest with families from the outset as to why, what, how and with whom their personal information will be shared. We urge professionals to gain written consent when seeking consultation or making referrals.

Referral form for 0-25 Emotional Health and Wellbeing services

This form is to make a referral for the new 0-25 emotional health and wellbeing service Bee U – previously CAMHS

Funding Application

If all avenues of support and resources for a family have been explored and there is a gap in provision that if provided would make a difference, practitioners can collectively decide to apply for some funding to support the family plan. This funding application must be agreed at family meeting by all practitioners present. The case should clearly identify that the family meet at least two of the Strengthening Families criteria and should be on the Early Help Module (EHM), with consent, a whole family assessment and a whole family action plan completed. These must clearly identify the need for the funding and what outcomes and measures are expected to be achieved through the funding.

Where should your forms be sent?

When you have completed the request for intervention form please attach, along with a whole family consent form, and email to A member of the Strengthening Families Team will contact you upon receipt and create a case on the Early Help Module with you and explain how to upload your assessment and plan. Funding applications should also be sent through to

To access the 0-25 emotional health and wellbeing service Bee U, please send the completed referral form by secure email to