Shropshire Council

Early years and childcare providers

If you're using a nursery, childminder, pre-school, playgroup or any kind of childcare, the service provider has a duty to ensure that they help secure the best possible outcomes for your child. Obviously, this means that they should provide high quality care and learning for your child, but it also means that they should be able to provide information, support and guidance to parents and carers who may need a little extra help. This responsibility applies whether you're accessing free hours as part of your child’s early years entitlement, paid for hours or a mixture of each.

The types of extra help that childcare providers may be able to offer include:

  • Identifying any specific needs your child may have
  • Referring your child to other professionals who may have specific skills
  • Offering parenting support to help you to look after your child when he or she is in your care
  • Offering advice on healthy eating or ways to help your child become more active
  • Tips and advice to improve your child’s learning so that they are ready for school when the time comes

Raising children can be difficult and stressful. Lots of parents have problems at different points along their child’s lifetime. If you're experiencing any problems, or if you just want a friendly chat with someone, you should always be able to approach your childcare provider for help and advice.

Your childcare provider will be assessing your child’s progress at regular points and should be sharing the outcomes of these assessments with you. These assessments include a full developmental check of your child, carried out in association with your Health Visitor, when your child is two years old. If any concerns are identified at these checks then you should be made aware immediately and offered help and support to make sure your child’s needs are being met.