Shropshire Council

Family Nurse Partnership

The FNP offers targeted interventions from early pregnancy up until the child is two years old for to up to 100 families where the pregnant mother is 19 or under. The nature of the intensive visiting programme is evidenced to improve outcomes for both the parent and child, and reduce the numbers and level of safeguarding concerns, specifically by addressing issues early and supporting early attachment.

The annual review from the FNP in Shropshire team, which was published in January 2016, included feedback highlighting areas where clients felt that FNP had benefited them. These included child development, relationships, better decision making, housing, benefits, and careers/education aspirations.

Families are engaged in improving their own health and wellbeing. They're supported in recognising the early warning signs of problems, and knowing how and when to seek help and additional support. Families are supported by local networks, families, friends and services in their local communities to help them in their day to day lives and at difficult times.