Shropshire Council

Parenting programmes

In Shropshire, we recognise how important the role of parents and carers is, and how difficult that role can be without the knowledge of appropriate strategies that can be used to deal with everyday parenting challenges. The aim for all parents is to raise healthy, well-rounded children in a loving, stable environment, and it's our hope that we can support parents, carers and communities to do this.

Understanding your child/teen clinics

The Shropshire Council Parenting Team offers clinics across Shropshire, where parents across all levels of need will be able to book an appointment with a parenting practitioner to discuss any difficulties they might be experiencing in understanding and managing their children’s behaviours. These appointments can be face-to-face at one of the clinic locations across Shropshire, or we can arrange appointments for telephone call consultations. The telephone consultations follow the same format as the face-to-face appointment, but enable parents who are unable to travel to a clinic location to engage with this offer. These appointments can also be used by parents who may have attended a parenting group and feel that they might benefit from some additional support. In this appointment a package of support will be agreed with the parent. 

For information on the location and times of the clinics please visit the Family Information Service website. A parent will need to book a 45 minute appointment in advance of the clinic. All bookings should be made via the Parenting Team: or phone 01743 250950.

Understanding your child/teen - groups and workshops

In Shropshire we offer ‘Understanding your child’ and ‘Understanding your teen’ parenting workshops and groups based on the Solihull Approach. This offers a highly practical way of working with families within a robust theoretical structure. 

The parenting group aims to:

  • Promote understanding of children’s behaviour within the context of developmental issues
  • Promote the development of parent/child relationship
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem in both parents and children
  • Give parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong
  • Promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting

The group has been designed to offer parenting support for families who want to learn more, and who may or may not be experiencing some difficulties with their children. Although there's an established provision for universal groups, there's also provision for families who may be experiencing more complex challenges and require more targeted support. These targeted groups are delivered by professionals experienced in working with families with more complex levels of need.

We provide both universal and targeted groups for families with children with SEND.

We also offer the online version of the understanding your child course free to Shropshire parents. It's available on the 'In our place' website and the code parents need is DARWIN18

If you're looking for an 'Understanding Your child/teen' group please visit the Family Information Service website.

Parenting practitioners

Our parenting practitioners offer one-to-one support to parents via an 'Understanding your child/teen' clinic appointment or telephone call consultation, and group support through the delivery of 'Understanding your child/teen' groups and workshops.

For further information, or to book a clinic or group please contact the Parenting Team or Telephone 01743 250950.