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Shropshire Environmental Network

Our Shropshire Environmental Network map can be used to see the extent of the network in relation to any given application.

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The Shropshire Environmental Network (SEN) consists of areas of high biodiversity value and the areas that act as connective ‘corridors and stepping stones’ between them. The SEN also shows visible and accessible historic environment assets and public access routes. 

Please read our 'Guidance Note 11: Environmental Networks' for more information.

Data sources and feedback

The data used to create this map is sourced from a number of organisations (Ordnance Survey, Natural England, Environment Agency, Shropshire Wildlife Trust and Forestry Commission) under license or open access. We're not responsible for any errors or omissions, and may not always be able to supply any further details about a particular part of the network (this may require direct contact with one of the organisations above).

The network user guide shows which organisation owns each dataset.

Please note that the maps are indicative only, and there are likely to be qualifying areas missing from the network, or that may not qualify for network status when ground-truthed.

Please provide any feedback regarding sites which may need to be removed or added to the network to the email address below. We may update these maps whenever new information comes to light, or if other third-party data are updated.

A significant feature missing from the map is hedgerows. Any hedgerow that consists of at least 80% native woody shrubs, and measures at least 20m in length, qualifies as 'priority habitat', and would therefore be classified as a core area of the environmental network. Currently, there's no existing data that maps the extent of hedgerows in the UK, and clearly it would a huge undertaking to do this even at county level, and as such is beyond our scope. Hedgerows still need to be considered in all aspects of the network.

Please note that the network is currently not part of neighbouring Telford & Wrekin Council policy, therefore the online map doesn't display information for this part of the county.

These maps are regularly updated and maintained by the Shropshire Council Ecology Team.