Shropshire Council

Approved list of tree-works contractors

Our list of tree-works contractors is used for letting Shropshire Council tree-works contracts from September 2013 for a period of four years.

The contractors listed have as of September 2013 satisfied us that their insurance, proficiency and policies are suitable to carry out works on our sites. This therefore constitutes an approved list for council purposes. It doesn't constitute an approved list for private works, guarantee that all requirements have been kept up to date or guarantee standards of workmanship.

We strongly recommend that you satisfy yourself as to the suitability of the contractor you employ for the job, and that they're trained and proficient in those tasks (they should be able to produce NPTC certificates of competence and/or an ID card or similar) and have current public liability insurance of at least £2 million.

All tree works should be to BS.3998:2010 (tree work, recommendations). You should always obtain at least three quotes for any proposed work.

This list isn't a recommendation of any individual for a particular job, and there will be other competent contractors available who haven't chosen to express an interest in working for us.

We can't accept any responsibility for the actions of these contractors or the consequences thereof.