Shropshire Council

Air quality monitoring stations

We own, monitor and manage air quality stations which automatically take results around the county. These are situated at:

  • Chester Street (Shrewsbury) – monitors for fine particulates (PM2.5s)
  • Mayfield Close (Shrewsbury) - monitors for fine particulates (PM2.5s)

Monitoring results are published in our annual reports which can be found on the Air Quality reports page.

We also monitor nitrogen dioxide levels using a network of diffusion tubes. A map showing the location of current diffusion tubes and the monitoring results is available.

In addition to local monitoring, a National Pollution Forecast is provided by the Met Office. If you suffer with heart or respiratory conditions or other health complaints where your health may be compromised by poor air quality it is advised that you use the forecast as an aide to positively manage your health. For more information on what to do when air pollution is elevated it is advised that you contact your GP or health care nurse.

Why monitor air quality?

There are several reasons why it is important to monitor air pollution:

  • to ensure that long-term goals and targets to reduce levels of air pollution are being met (i.e. national legislative levels)
  • to provide information on how good or bad the air quality is in the area to those with interest
  • to be considered alongside planning applications to ensure that proposed development contributes to sustaining betterments in air quality over time.

Estimates can be made on the rates of emissions from sources such as cars, housing estates and factories etc. but to verify these estimates it's essential to monitor.