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PPC permit application forms

If you need to apply for a permit, substantial change, permit transfer or surrender please select the appropriate form from the list on this page. There are separate permit application forms for A(2) or B installations, and simplified application forms are available for car re-sprayers, dry cleaners, petrol stations and waste oil burners.

What do I need to know about the application procedure

From receipt of a 'duly made' application the regulator has up to four months to issue the permit. The reason for this is because the regulator may need to consult interested parties such as the Environment Agency and Natural England, for example. Consultation may need to be undertaken both for new applications and substantial change applications.

On top of the need to consult with statutory bodies, the regulator has the option to advertise the application in a local newspaper. This is usually done where the application is likely to give rise to local controversy, or where the activity, subject to the application, could have impacts wider than the immediate vicinity, and a newspaper advertisement will be the best way of alerting potentially interested people.

When is an application 'duly made'?

An application is considered 'duly made' when all the information we require to make a determination has been received. If an operator fails to do this, we may have to request additional information, delaying the determination.

An application is not treated as duly made when, for instance:

  • It hasn't been submitted on a standard form
  • It's for an installation that falls outside the remit of LA-IPPC or LAPPC regimes
  • It's been sent to the wrong regulator
  • It hasn't addressed some key points, or there is substantial and obvious doubt about the basic adequacy of a key part of the application
  • The declarations haven't been completed
  • The operator isn't a legal entity
  • The necessary fee hasn't been paid

How do I apply for approval?

The registration form must be sent to us.

Forms are available to download on this page or by contacting the Environmental Protection and Prevention Team. Your form must be sent to us at the address at the end of the application form. If the form is sent to the wrong address your application won't take effect until it's received at the proper place.

If your enquiry is in relation to a permit relating to a waste management activity or exemption, please contact the Environment Agency via their national call centre on 08708 506 506.

Please note that applying for a permit doesn't remove the need to obtain planning permission.

If you have any queries regarding permitted activities, please contact the Environmental Protection and Prevention Team.