Shropshire Council

Frequently asked questions

What will LEADER fund?

LEADER will fund farmers, growers, foresters, other local rural businesses and rural community organisations to help create jobs, develop rural businesses and support the rural economy.

Who can apply?

Project applications will be eligible from micro and small businesses*, farming and forestry businesses (which qualify as micro and small businesses), social enterprises and voluntary and community organisations based in the eligible area in southern Shropshire.

*Defined as follows:

  • micro business 0 – 9 employees
  • small business 10 – 49 employees

How much funding will be available?

  • projects will be eligible for between around £2,500 and £40,000 to fund specific activity (please contact us if you have a larger project than this)
  • 70% of all projects must directly support the rural economy, through creating and supporting micro and small rural businesses. The remaining 30% of projects will need to demonstrate they are contributing to improving the rural economy
  • LEADER will usually fund around 40% of total project costs, but the amount of grant support available will vary across the different priorities
  • cash match funding will be needed for all projects, usually at 60%
  • projects should be capital, with limited revenue funding requirements

What outputs could my project achieve?

An output is a measurable assessment of performance and success. Outputs to consider include:

  • jobs created
  • jobs safeguarded
  • businesses benefitting
  • holdings benefitting
  • increased turnover
  • forests/woodlands benefitting
  • villages/communities benefitting
  • population benefitting
  • new/existing tourism activities supported
  • potential additional overnight stays

Is my project eligible?

You can download our postcode checker to find out whether you are geographically eligible to apply.

Please also read the LEADER Applicant Handbook before contacting us to make sure your project's eligible.

Can I discuss my project with you before I apply?

If you'd like to discuss a potential project, please email the LEADER Programme Manager on, to ascertain if the idea is suitable to make an application for LEADER funding. If the project is seen to meet the LEADER requirements, you'll be sent an Expression of Interest form to complete and return.