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School Streets survey (November 2022)

  • Period: 07 November 2022 - 30 November 2022
  • Status: Closed
  • Audiences: Everyone
  • Topics: Traffic management
  • Type: Public

We are consulting on the proposal to introduce a School Street at six schools (see attachments for individual school details). The aim of the project is to make the environment outside the school safer.  School Streets are restricted streets (or zones) in areas around busy schools that can only be accessed by pedestrians and cyclists for part of a day, usually during peak school hours. This means that vehicles are not permitted to enter and drive in these streets while the restrictions are active unless the vehicle has a valid School Street permit. 

Concerns have been raised over:

  • The number of vehicles accessing the street at school start/finish times.
  • The impact of some parking and driving behaviour on the safety of children and their families/carers travelling to school.

These proposals are aimed at:

  • Delivering a safer environment outside the school.
  • Reducing the impact of vehicles driving to the school on residents and the school community.

The proposals consist of:

  • A School Street, using a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to introduce timed vehicle access restrictions.
  • The restrictions apply during drop-off and pick-up times (see attachments for specific school timings) Monday to Friday, during school term times.

School Street permits

Permits can be applied for by:

  • Residents for their own vehicles
  • Blue badge holders requiring access to the school
  • Carers - professional carers and persons providing regular essential care on behalf of a resident.

All permits will be virtual and applied for through the Council’s website. There will be no charge for the permits.  Permits last for the school year (1 September to 31 July). 

Each household within the School Streets zone will be eligible for up to 30 “emergency day passes” per academic year. One pass will provide one vehicle with one full day’s access.

We would like to know your views on this proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you proposing to stop vehicles accessing this street before and after school times?

We are already working hard to support schools across Shropshire promoting road safety through the Road Safety Team, making improvements to walking/cycling facilities and developing Active Travel Plans. However, in areas around some schools, the safety concerns and problems caused by vehicle access are so severe that the introduction of School Streets has been considered as an important step in helping to resolve this. 

How do School Streets work?

  • School Streets are put into place using a legal process called a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). TROs are the restrictions placed on the Highway that direct, control, and prohibit vehicle movements.
  • Signs are used to show that School Street restrictions are in place.
  • Enforcement cameras will be used to monitor vehicles entering during these times and drivers without permits may receive a fine (Penalty Charge Notice - PCN) of £70. Vehicles already within the street when the restrictions are in force may leave without incurring a fine.  

What happens next?

We will review all feedback received. A consultation report will be available online soon. If the decision is made to introduce the School Street, a separate consultation will be carried out as part of the legal process for the new School Street Traffic Regulation Order.  We will write to residents again to let them know when this consultation is happening.

We will also work closely with the aforementioned schools so that pupils and parents are prepared for the School Street.

We will also be unable to respond to individual responses, but all responses will be considered as part of the analysis. No personal information will be shared.



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