Shropshire Council

Mutual exchange and Homeswap Direct

A mutual exchange is where social housing tenants agree to swap homes.

If you wish to be considered for a mutual exchange please visit Shropshire HomePoint to register with Home Swap Direct.

You can only swap homes with the agreement of both parties’ landlords. They don't have to agree, and may decline if you have current rent arrears with them.

Things to consider when you've found someone you might want to exchange with

When you've found someone you might like to exchange with, you should visit each other’s properties. Think about your own health and safety when visiting people you don't know, or when letting them into your home. Always try to have someone with you.

Most people agree on an exchange on the basis of where the property is and the number of bedrooms it has, but there are some other things you may want to ask about:

  • Ask them what sort of tenancy agreement they have. This is very important as exchanging could affect your tenancy rights
  • Check your rent liability with the landlord. This is important because if the tenant receives benefits he/she may not be paying the full amount

Remember: You must not exchange your property before you have written permission to do so.

Why would a mutual exchange be refused?

There are a number of reasons why a mutual exchange can be refused, and your landlord will tell you what these are, for example:

  • Rent arrears, court costs, rechargeable repairs costs outstanding
  • Action has been taken or is being taken in respect of anti-social behaviour, eg an application for an injunction or anti-social behaviour order (ASBO)
  • The property is too small or too large for the needs of one of the exchange partners
  • Specialist adaptations have been made to the property, eg to make it suitable for a physically disabled person, which the incoming tenant’s family don't need
  • The accommodation is let to people with special needs and the incoming tenant doesn't have these special needs

Could an exchange affect your tenancy rights?

Your tenancy rights may be affected when you exchange properties. This is because you take on the tenancy rights of the person you're exchanging with. Before you agree to exchange your property it's very important that you find out if your tenancy rights will be affected.