Shropshire Council

Renting private housing

With the social housing sector no longer being seen as a 'home for life', more and more people are looking to rent in the private rented sector as it’s becoming a more affordable and accessible option in Shropshire. 

The advantages of private renting are:              

  • You can move in quickly
  • The accommodation can come furnished, carpeted and decorated
  • You can be more selective about the location and type of property you wish to rent

Who to contact?

Shrewsbury Homes For All and The Shropshire Housing Alliance provide advice and assistance on securing private rented accommodation, and have good links with local landlords. Local newspapers such as the Shropshire Star have a dedicated property day, and local estate agents also advertise available properties.

House shares

Some local landlords will rent out a room for you to live in where you share other amenities such as the bathroom and the kitchen. These are often cheaper to rent than a property of your own. You can look for a house share in the same way as a private tenancy, as described above.

Applying for a tenancy

Before being offered a tenancy, your landlord may require the following from you:

  • References from previous landlords
  • Deposit and first month’s rent

For advice on saving for a deposit please contact Just Credit Union.

Please be sure you can afford the rent on the accommodation before you move in. You'll be asked to sign a tenancy agreement, which sets out both your own and your landlord’s responsibilities, such as how much rent you will pay and when, who is responsible for repairs and maintenance and how long the tenancy is due to last. 

Moving in

Once you've signed the tenancy you should be free to move in. This is often an expensive time as you look to make your house a home.

The following offer good quality and affordable second-hand furniture:

For essential items, you may be able to access our Local Support and Prevention Fund. Please ring 0345 6789 001 and select option 2 to find out if you're eligible.

It's important that you keep to the terms of your tenancy agreement. If you fail to keep to the agreement your landlord could serve you with a two month notice to leave your home.

If your housing benefit doesn't fully cover your rent, you'll have to make up the shortfall. Use the benefits calculator to work out what you may be entitled to. You should tell us immediately if you have a change of circumstances so we can reassess your claim.

Other housing-related costs

As well as rent, you'll also have to budget for the following:

  • Council tax                                                                 
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water rates                                                           
  • Food / clothing
  • TV licence
  • Home phone / broadband
  • Transport
  • Contents insurance