Shropshire Council

Customer feedback reporting

The information we get from our customer feedback is analysed to:

  • See if we're meeting our targets
  • Check that the way we're recording and responding to feedback is effective
  • Determine whether there are any common issues or concerns
  • Better understand the learning from complaints and the actions we've taken
  • Identify whether there's more we can do to address any concerns
  • Inform recommendations for future improvement

Each year we work to publish an overview of the customer feedback we receive and how we've responded. Our performance overall is good, but we recognise that some individuals may not have received the same levels of service we aim to provide. For this reason we continue to strive for continued improvement.

The annual customer feedback reports provide an overview of the customer feedback we receive. Reports are produced for all services (the Corporate Report), for Adult Services and for Children’s Services. The reports include examples and recommendations. Please see the documents attached to this page.

Find out more about the various complaints procedures, including the timescales we aim to respond in, in our feedback section.