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The sport of rounders is a fun, exciting, striking and fielding team game where points known as "rounders" are scored by a player hitting a ball and then completing a circuit of the track. It can be played by both sexes, at any age, at varying levels of ability, as a competitive match or a recreational activity. It can be played outdoors, on grass, artificial surfaces, on the beach or indoors in a sports hall. There are several variations, ranging from the traditional nine-a-side two-innings game to fun mini versions, indoor rounders and inclusive rounders.

Whether you can reach first post or fourth post, rounders can give you, your friends and your family a fun sport to help keep you fit and healthy.

When you ask people about rounders, it brings a smile, revisiting memories of a fun team sport they played at school. But rounders is for everyone - schools, universities and colleges, adults, families, and even as a great activity for corporate away days.

Use the following links to find out where you can play rounders in Shropshire:

For more information regarding any of the above rounders opportunities, please contact Leisure Services on 01743 255071 or email