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Getting started as a coach

I'm new to coaching, where do I start?

If you're unsure what first steps to take in becoming a qualified coach, it might be a good idea to try an introductory workshop. Workshops delivered by Sports Leaders UK are a great way of finding out about coaching, and as many of the workshops are not sport-specific, it’s a good place to start.

Sports Leaders awards can act as a stepping stone to becoming a coach, and are available to everyone aged fourteen or above. They're nationally recognised qualifications that can develop a wide range of skills, including leadership, planning, preparation, communication and delivery of a sports session. Additionally, participants can learn how to organise and motivate not just themselves but others too. It’s a great way to boost confidence and competence before taking a sport-specific coaching qualification.

How can I become a qualified coach in my sport?

Each national governing body of sport has their own structured pathway to becoming a coach, and their own set of coaching qualifications. A coach's pathway usually takes the following format:

  • Leadership/introductory workshop
  • Level 1 – assistant coach
  • Level 2 – head coach
  • Level 3 – head coach with additional responsibilities
  • Level 4 – regional coach
  • Level 5 – elite coach

The governing body for your sport will be able to provide you with the opportunity to develop your coaching to a desired level. For more information, please contact your relevant governing body.

Sports Coach UK has created three video clips to introduce parents and carers of children and young people to coaching. These short films show:

The intention of these films is to show parents and carers what rewards can be achieved by becoming a quality coach, and to identify what their next steps are. Additionally, Energize, the county sports partnership, provides coaching opportunities and a coach education programme which contains generic courses.