Shropshire Council

Public consultation outcome

A five month public consultation on seven different pool options and locations took place in 2015. Combined, the Quarry options represent 68.06% of the most preferred responses, with respondents citing central location, accessibility, economic impact on the town centre and convenience as the main reasons for the Quarry preference. Learn-to-swim provision was seen as the most important element of a swimming facility, with proximity to public transport links and a timetable that caters for all also seen as important.

Option % of most preferred
Refurbishment of the Quarry 23.50%
New build on the Quarry site 22.89%
Upgrade of the Quarry 21.67%
New build on Shrewsbury Sports Village 16.54%
New build on Shrewsbury College London Road 13.17%
New build on Clayton Way 1.42%
New build on land at Ellesmere Road 0.81%

The following documents give more detail on the consultation analysis:

The full public consultation information is available to view on our consultation website.