Shropshire Council

Shropshire local outbreak plan

The Department of Health & Social Care has instructed all local authorities to produce ‘local outbreak control plans’. These plans contain detailed information about how any outbreaks of Covid-19 (coronavirus) will be managed and further prevented. Directors of public health are responsible for producing these.

An ‘outbreak’ is an incident where two or more persons have the same disease or similar symptoms and are linked in time, place and/or person association.

Information contained includes:

The Shropshire picture: how coronavirus has affected Shropshire so far, aims and objectives of the plan and our priorities which are:

  1. Governance – How everyone will work together - Different Boards and Forums contain members across: the health and care, voluntary and community sector and elected members, to make the right decisions, and action the management and prevention of coronavirus outbreaks in Shropshire.
  2. Prevention - This is the key to ensure we reduce community cases to zero. 
  3. Settings and communities – Specific processes and guidance for settings including; schools and early Years, workplaces, care homes and at community gatherings and events
  4. Vulnerable people – supporting those who need help the most
  5. Communications and engagement –Reactive and proactive – how we are communicating and engaging with people and organisations about the work we’re doing and what they can do to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.
  6. Testing capacity – Timely and local testing availability
  7. Test and trace & infection control – working with settings to trace contacts and manage the situation when there is an outbreak
  8. Surveillance and monitoring – collecting and understanding the data to take action
  9. Regulation including lockdown plans

It concludes with how challenges will be addressed, and an Action Plan.

The document will continue to be updated and refreshed, regularly through these forums. As will its associated action plans.

The latest version of Shropshire Council’s Local Outbreak Plan can be found beneath related documents on the righthand side of this page.