Shropshire Council

Children in Care Council (CiCC)


CCC logoThe Children in Care Council is a small group of young people currently being supported by social services. The aim of the group is to help make sure services and support for looked-after children actually work for those children. It provides a chance to: 

  • Attend our Corporate Parenting Panel to let us know how Shropshire's service can be improved
  • Be part of the children’s interview panel when new staff are recruited

We have a charter for children that needs to be met with your help. We welcome feedback on the pledge we've made (attached to this page). We aim to support and empower you to participate and be involved in decisions which affect your life, to help make sure you have access to the services you need and the opportunity to say how services are delivered.

We want to know if you're:

  • Safe
  • Happy where you live
  • Able to stay in touch with friends and family
  • Healthy
  • Able to freely express your view
  • In touch with someone to talk to who you trust
  • Supported with your education
  • Learning skills and gaining knowledge and understanding, in preparation for independence


  • Social group meetings
  • Trips/days out/walks and picnics
  • Bowling, trampolining (young people are invited to make suggestions)
  • Sports
  • Music/arts projects
  • 2019/20 Project Shining Stars, radio/podcast broadcast 11-17 yrs (contact Wendy for more information - see below)

Upcoming meetings

Young people (1–17 years) meet on the first Saturday of the month (virtually via Teams). When face to face contact resumes we will meet in the Tesco Community Room, Shrewsbury. (Groups can also meet in other parts of the county by request).

If you'd like to join our group please contact

What else is available?

We offer training and development in interviews, and learning new skills, and have a buddy system if you'd like to talk to another person about their experiences. If you need any further advice or want to chat please contact Wendy at


  • Wendy Stockton, youth worker: contact number 07990 085662 (text) 11-17 yrs
  • Tom Mosley, personal advisor: contact number 01743 254590 18-25 yrs
  • Lorelei Damasco, young people’s ambassador 01743 254590 18-25 yrs