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Welcome from the headteacher of Shropshire Virtual School

Thank you for visiting our website, it is designed to help practitioners and young people to find out more about us and what we do.

Our team aim to support children and young people in care or who have been in care so that they can have excellent opportunities to fulfil their potential and we enjoy celebrating and promoting their achievements. We also provide advice, information and training on education around previously looked after children and those children with a social worker. Please take time to further explore our website and see all the things we do.

We have a fantastic team at the Shropshire Virtual School who are here to support so please feel able to get in touch to share good news as well as when support is needed.


Jo Kelly
Headteacher for Shropshire Virtual School

You can contact us at or 01743 250124 or you can follow us on Twitter @ShropVirtualSch

What is Shropshire Virtual School?

We're the education champions in the local authority for children and young people in care to Shropshire. We can also provide advice around education for previously looked-after children and those who have a social worker. We work hard to ensure that our children and those leaving care have the opportunities they need to fulfil their potential and improve their life chances.

Where is the school?

We don’t exist in real terms, or in a school building – and children attend their own school where they're on roll. The virtual school supports at meetings and events (in person or online) and our team is based at offices in Shrewsbury.

What do we do?

Our team promotes education, achievement and wellbeing, and we influence policy and practice that affects our learners. We advise and work closely with schools/settings and other professionals such as social workers, independent reviewing officers, and health and foster carers to support our children to fulfil their potential. The virtual school provides training to professionals on matters that are important for our children - and we aim to improve our pupils’ access to services.

Shropshire Virtual School supports three ‘families’ of children, those being:

  • Looked-after children (or 'children looked after')
  • Previously looked-after children
  • Children With a social worker

Looked-after children

As we're part of the 'corporate parent' for our children and young people in care, we're mindful to promote a way of working that asks the question “Would this be good enough for my own child?”. A key part of this is that we promote high aspirations for our learners by enjoying and celebrating their achievements across a wide range of activities.

We also manage the Pupil Premium + budget to target money towards the things our children in care need to be successful in their education, employment or training. so it's important that we hear their voice around the things that are important to them so that we can act in their best interests.

Take a look at our ‘at a glance’ guide for looked-after children to see how we can support you.

Previously looked-after children

Take a look at our ‘at a glance’ guide for previously looked-after children to see how we can support you.

Children with a social worker

Take a look at our ‘at a glance’ guide for children with a social worker to see how we can support you.

Take a look at our school development plan.