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Shropshire Museums cares for more than 300,000 objects

We also care for over 200,000 unique records relating to the natural and human heritage of the County. These collections have been built up, mainly through public donations, over 180 years.  We work to ensure their long term preservation in order to guarantee their availability to future generations.  These collections, their context and their meanings brings an authenticity to everything we do. We provide direct access to over 3,000 of these objects every year for researchers, students and other users.

Around 150,000 people visited our museum sites in 2011

Our programmes of exhibitions, events and educational opportunities aim to encourage our users to explore our local heritage in ways which build understanding, provoke dialogue, challenge behaviours and encourage creativity. They are here to benefit local residents and visitors alike.

During 2011 Shropshire Museums brought £4,583,918 into the local economy

Our museum collections, services and facilities are ideally placed to add value to Shropshire’s cultural tourism offer.  They help to animate our market towns; provide employment and training; attract and complement adjacent businesses. In 2011 Shropshire Museums provided local suppliers of goods and services with £857,207 worth of business.

During 2011 our volunteers contributed over £837,040 worth of time and skills

Volunteers provide us with over 3,000 hours of support each year.  The practical experiences we offer help people to challenge themselves, develop knowledge and discover new skills.  In return they help us to extend the level of research, interpretation and collections care that we can provide.

Each year we provide around 350 adult and 150 children's learning sessions

We offer a flexible and safe learning environment to our users, volunteers, staff and the heritage sector as a whole.  Our programme ranges from supporting formal academic studies to an opportunity to learn new skills.

We help more than 40 local Heritage Groups and Museums

By collaborating and building networks we support the wider museum community within Shropshire.  By sourcing and sharing professional expertise, knowledge and resources we raise quality and ensure the future resilience of the sector.

Each year we support around 30 heritage projects

We work with local communities to build confidence and a sense of belonging. Based on shared stories and experiences we build a deeper awareness of place. Through questioning the past we help to inform the future.

If you have a question about Shropshire Museums, its collections or its services please feel free to contact us.


Shropshire Museums
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